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Sustainable Agriculture (Permaculture) Training

With over 60% of Nepal’s population directly dependent on it, agriculture is not just a way of subsistence, but a way of life as well. Although traditional agriculture has always been in sync with people’s needs, local landscapes and climatic conditions, Nepal’s agriculture has taken a turn for the worse in the past couple of

Afternoon School Meal

Starting from June 2015 till 2016, we provided 2,200 children in 8 schools with a delicious and nutritious afternoon meal to counter the sharp drop in student attendance following the devastating April 2015 earthquake. The school meals have not only improved attendance and reduced drop-out rates, but are also contributing towards more engaged children that concentrate

Tailoring Training

Women Empowerment Program We are empowering women from Bhotenamlang by enhancing their marketable skills and knowledge. The 3 month long tailoring training program will empower 10 women with skills to enhance their quality of life by generating income and boosting their self-confidence. Gender inequity and female illiteracy is high in Sindhupalchowk. The district is ill-reputed

Reconstructing Schools

The devastating earthquakes that struck Nepal on April 25, 2015 and again on May 12, 2015 affected all 79 VDCs of Sindhupalchowk. 95 percent of school buildings in the district suffered structural damage and were rendered unsafe for use. Thousands of children were forced out of school, and deprived of education. A prolonged break from school

Teacher Training & Support

Teacher Support  Teachers are the backbone of quality education. Yet, most public schools in Nepal are severely understaffed by the government and many classrooms are often empty. Understaffed teachers often resort to teaching multiple grades at the same time, and are unable to give students the time and attention they deserve and need. We are working

Bhotenamlang Community Center

The Bhotenamlang community center will act as a platform for the development of education, tourism, environment and empowerment initiatives in the Bhotenamlang region of Sindhupalchowk.

Female Outdoor Training

GIA believes that outdoor is the best platform to empower. Each member of the team has experienced that for herself. Our dream was always to extend this platform to help empower young women in the outdoors. With the Female Outdoor Training we are able to do that. GIA started training a group of young female

Seven Summits Women Team

The flagship mission ‘Seven Summits Women Team’ was completed successfully early January 2015. Click the 7 Summits tab to for details.

Earthquake Relief Work

Relief Updates: ‘Maya’s mom volunteers to distribute buiscuits in Bhotenamlang. She is homeless like the rest of the village yet she is happy to help. It is such spirit that will help Nepal rise. Every effort counts in healing the nation through this tragedy. Thanks to PATA Nepal chapter, Nepal Rises, SmartPaani, Dharan Unity Society,


We visit school after each climb. Since 2008, we have visited near 200 schools. From remote corners of Nepal and Africa to Universities in the USA, we share with students about our own journey of struggle, success and bigger dreams. After successful ascent of Everest in 2008, we started visiting schools in Nepal in a