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GIA believes that outdoor is the best platform to empower. Each member of the team has experienced that for herself. Our dream was always to extend this platform to help empower young women in the outdoors. With the Female Outdoor Training we are able to do that.

GIA started training a group of young female survivors of trafficking in November 2014.

GIA came together with the U.S. based organization ‘Courageous Girls’, to train four young women to trek to the Everest Base Camp. However, GIA decided to continue training for the young women to help them become trekking guides.

We started the training with weekly hiking sessions. We then realized that short term training were not sufficient to provide holistic empowerment. Hence, GIA started providing  English language lessons, support for continuation of their academic education, diet support, monthly stipend, therapeutic meditation session, equipment support, motivational session, on-the-job guide training, mountaineering courses. Once equipped with the basic per-requisites, GIA supported the women to get their certification training. Three young women, two of them trafficking survivors, got their license as trekking guide from the Ministry of Tourism in August 2017. Starting September 2017, they have started working as assistant trekking guides for companies.

Our goal is to foster strong and independent women who are able to return to society as productive members with much to offer. Our effort is to help remove the social stigma that are attached with survivors, and give them a second chance at living dignified lives where they can achieve their dreams!

GIA is now expanding the training program to both survivors as well as rural women. Our survivor trainees have not come out in public as survivors hence pictures are blurred to maintain confidentiality.

Some highlights from Training Chronology

November 2014- Weekly hikes


2015- Rafting with female leader Radha Tamang

Paanch Pokhari Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek- 2015 & 2016

Basic Mountaineering Training conducted by Nepal Mountaineering Association- 2016

Guide license Training conducted by Nepal Mountaineering Federation- 2017