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Teacher Support 

Teachers are the backbone of quality education. Yet, most public schools in Nepal are severely understaffed by the government and many classrooms are often empty. Understaffed teachers often resort to teaching multiple grades at the same time, and are unable to give students the time and attention they deserve and need.

We are working to change this. We have hired six teachers across 4 schools to ensure that no classroom and child goes unattended in the schools that we support. 

Teacher Training 

At Seven Summits, we want to not just hire teachers, but also give teachers and School Management Committee members the skills needed for imparting quality education. After careful assessment of the needs of teachers, we design tailoring programs that are tailored and well-suited to the needs and context. 

Seven Summits has partnered with Adarsha Sikcha Nepal to provide specialized and highly effective training to teachers that we support. Adarsha Sikcha Nepal is a grass-root level teacher training organization that conducts various innovative teacher training and support programs across Nepal. Together, we are training teachers in these diverse areas: 

  1. Educational Philosophy
  2. Whole School Approach
  3. Core subject areas
  4. School safety and disaster preparedness
  5. School leadership training 
  6. Classroom/discipline management
  7. Developing a School Improvement Plan
  8. Early Childhood Development

In addition, we will be providing teachers with year-long continuous in-school support to ensure that there is gradual behavioral change in pedagogical techniques. We also aim to conduct qualitative and quantitative research on a continual basis to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of our programs.