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Nimdoma Sherpa
The Change
  • The Change

Nim started going to school tempted by the World Food Programme’s afternoon meal. The nutritious ‘Haluwa’ at school, she remembers, was the sweetest thing she had as a child. In school, she started realizing that education could give her the power to become whatever she wanted. She then came to Kathmandu to pursue higher education ultimately becoming the first member in her family to finish high school.

She spent lonely childhood in Kathmandu away from her mother for education. She took care of household chores while other children played. To those who knew her, she was just another small girl. But within a few years her life saw drastic change.  At 17 years, she set foot on the top of the world on the 22nd of May 2008. She started visiting schools. National media portrayed her as a youth icon. She became  national champion in sports climbing. Today WFP Japan is celebrating her success in the country to inspire their youth. Nim’s story is a journey of a village girl transforming into international icon. She literally personifies ‘Change’ that education can bring in one’s life.