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‘Education, Empowerment & Tourism Development with the policy of Environment first‘ outlines our vision.

Our work area is  Bhotenamlang VDC and surrounding area in Sindhupalchok district in Nepal. Our mission is as follows-

Education– Reform education in the 8 schools we are supporting in our work area.

Continue to inspire youth in Nepal and beyond through motivational sessions to believe in their dreams, education and stay active.

Empowerment- Help elevate the status of women in Bhotenamlang VDC by providing them skill based training, entrepreneurial mentorship and anti-trafficking awareness.

Continue to train survivors of trafficking to help them find jobs in the trekking industry.

Tourism Development- Develop and promote ‘Paanch Pokhari trekking route in Sindhupalchok district to help upliftment of the community.

Continue to promote Destination Nepal internationally.