Following the devastating Earthquake of 2015, Shailee along with her team mate Maya Gurung has been actively supporting 8 schools in the district through the team’s non-profit, Global Inclusive Adventure Organization (GIA). The goal is to help the schools become world class education centers. Hence, GIA provides daily afternoon meal to nearly 2000 students. The team has built 5 semi permanent schools, installed clean drinking water and toilet facility at three schools and hired teachers for better education. Focus for the year 2018 is to develop and implement program to enhance quality of education in the region.


To be trafficked, that at young age, is a deep trauma. In addition, even upon return survivors in Nepal face great challenge in finding well-paying dignified jobs with potential for growth. Shailee and Maya came across a group of young female survivors in 2014. US-based non-profit Courageous Girls was on a mission to providing healing to survivors through a trek to the Everest Base Camp. GIA initially signed up to train the ladies for the trek. However, we soon realized that the trainees had real potential and an urgent need for change. Hence the survivor training was the result. GIA provides long-term based outdoor training, language classes, self-defense skills, leadership hikes, high-altitude adventure treks, support for continuation of academic education and scholarship for outdoor certification programs. After long-term training and once deemed fit for job, GIA provides job-placement. Three of our trainees have earned their trekking guide license. GIA is currently developing plans for next training session and fundraising for the same.