Female Leadership Academy


In late 2014, Seven Summits Women Team started training a group of young female who were survivors of sex trafficking. The women were trafficked to India in their early teens and even as young as 12. The series of their epic battle continued from one horror to another: running away from their captors, finding their way back to Nepal, family reconciliation, emotional-physical-social recovery, legal battles, recovery of confidence and self-esteem. After fording such major challenges at a very young age, they were stuck in low paying jobs that did not promise any career or growth. Their social standing did not offer them dignity or power. All of this was because, in addition to their struggle they did not have necessary job skills and lacked formal education. Hence, we started a long term program to mentor and train them so that their lives could be fully transformed. A few years later, we took another batch of young women that included survivors of trafficking, rape, child labor and similar abuses.

Two pilot batches of the program have been highly successful. Here are some testimonials from our trainees-

Miss TK: ‘I was weak, poor and the society looked at me with pity or disgrace. I met the Seven Summits Women Team when I was 19 years old. At that time, I was scared for my future. Today my life has completely transformed. I guide western clients on Himalayan peaks. I make more money than anyone around me can imagine. And young girls in my village tell me they want to be like me. I have found strength, financial freedom and true dignity. Because of the Seven Summits sisters I saw a path and I’m here today. It is now time for me to show the path to my other survivor sisters.”

Miss M: “No child should go through the terror that I have been through. I am still young. It took a lot of work for me to rebuild myself. Today my education has continued. Thanks to the Seven Summits sisters my academics have improved significantly. And I guide men much bigger and stronger than me. They trust me with their lives on the rope we share. I feel powerful, physically, mentally, & financially.”

Based on the success of the pilot batches, we are now preparing to scale the program and build Female Leadership Academy that caters to various survivors, and high risk girls (who come from underprivileged background and are in vulnerable position).

Female Leadership Academy

Female Leadership Academy is a two-year training and mentorship program. We believe that it takes education, confidence and exposure to enable a person to have a dream. Without these, a dream is a privilege, especially to our trainees who come from difficult backgrounds.

Similarly, we believe that outdoor is the best platform to empower. When a person can climb a mountain they never thought they could, it changes them in the most profound way. Every single participant in our many hikes and training have remarked that after climbing the real mountain, they have found strength to climb any metaphorical mountain in their lives.

Our program is developed based on these principles with the following vision and mission-

Vision- Empower the most vulnerable section of young Nepali girls, providing them a foundation for all around empowerment, economic independence and dignified career so that they can be leaders of their own lives.

Mission- Provide long-term mentorship and training to survivors of girl trafficking, abuse and high risk girls. In the first year, the program will provide foundation skills required to build a prolific career in any industry viz- confidence building, emotional stability, foreign language lessons, career exposure among others. In the second year, provide industry specific training. Finally, provide job recommendation and placement.

For support or more information please email us at info@sevensummitswomen.org

Global Inclusive Adventure Organization (GIA), is a Nepal based registered non-profit organization founded by the members of the Seven Summits Women Team. The program is officially run by GIA in Kathmandu, Nepal. California based non-profit Courageous Girls is our US partner.

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