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Asha Kumari Singh
The Good Looking Girl
  • The Good Looking Girl

Asha comes from Danuwar community from Meghrail, Mahottari. She comes from a society where women are barely aware of their rights, are supposed to get married off sooner than later and dowry is rampant. Thanks to her grandmother who thought Asha was the ugliest girl among all six sisters and hence thought it was necessary to educate her, in case nobody wanted her marry her. Asha, however, was not worried about her looks but coming from the flatlands of Terai, was always curious about high mountains. She came to Kathmandu for higher education and got an opportunity to join the Female Outdoor Leadership training in the Annapurnas in the year 2004. Given her background she challenged conventions and impressed naysayers when she started climbing. She made not only her community but also the entire nation proud as she stood on top of Everest on 24th of May 2008.  Her grandmother should have been alive to see her today. She is unanimously voted as the most attractive girl in the team.